Marie: 23-Jul-2007

July 24th, 2007
Bryans StoreIt is said that “everyone has a novel in them” and as much as I would love to write one, fiction is just not my cup of tea. Rather, my own life experiences could fill volumes that most people can relate to. Quite by accident I put together over 300 pages of stories with 200 photos about my family. The accident occurred when my brother’s two sons would beg us to tell them about where we lived and how we grew up and mostly asked how it was that we were so close and got along so well.

Marie: 22-Jul-2007

June 2007;  Just Before Rush Hour at 4:10 PM
A Sight for Sore Eyes! 
I grudgingly moved from the east coast to California in 1975 having had a wonderful and full life there to that date.  Alas, weather conditions argued for a warmer climate when the last straw was breaking my windshield ice scraper, leaving me to sit freezing in my idling car for the defroster to clear a hole large enough to make it safe to drive home from work.

Marie: 02-May-2007

May 3rd, 2007Rat Pack

Here’s something interesting….

Within a week of posting “Ring-A-Ding-Ding” Musing below this, first I saw a former Las Vegas Dealer’s short article about the old days in Las Vegas. He’s not happy having his home town changed to such a degree that he wants to move.

A week later, an in-depth piece appeared in a major newspaper about the continued, out of control, growth of Las Vegas by developers spending billions, no longer millions, just adding rooms. I was amused that Steve Wynn was quoted saying it is “outrageous.” He, who got that “outrageous” ball rolling making this comment to a New York Newspaper! I had a few chuckles as I am sure the dealer mentioned above did as well.

Marie: 05-Apr-2007

Ring A Ding Ding!RING-A-DING-DING!

A little nostalgia for those ”over 40″ visitors.

Return with me now to the thrilling days of yesteryear when Las Vegas was the entertainment capital in the West where people came from far and wide to be entertained royally, as well as lavishly wined and dined. Impeccable service was Rule #1. Pick up a cigarette and 3 hands appeared with lighters to do the honors. It was the best and least expensive vacation for adults.

Hungry? Your meal was ‘comped.’ Alcohol flowed as if from a never-empty spigot.

Marie: 11-Feb-2007

The Big WYosemite November 1, 2005

 How many films in your lifetime can you honestly say made you laugh so hard you actually fell from or leaped up and down in your movie theater seat? 

A film you have seen many times and laugh just as hard?


Marie: 28-Jan-2007

January 29th, 2007
Mangy MooseJackson Hole, Wyoming

I never thought I would get applause! I truthfully admit it was nice to hear as a child after my first piano recital. As an adult, unless you are an entertainer, when would you hear it again? I believe many people secretly wish they could receive audible accolades for their work and achievements but who applauds the computer techie? The plumber? The auto repair man?