May 3rd, 2007

Rat PackHere’s something interesting….
Within a week of posting “Ring-A-Ding-Ding” Musing below this, first I saw a former Las Vegas Dealer’s short article about the old days in Las Vegas.  He’s not happy having his home town changed to such a degree that he wants to move.
A week later, an in-depth piece appeared in a major newspaper about the continued, out of control, growth of Las Vegas by developers spending billions, no longer millions, just adding rooms. I was amused that Steve Wynn was quoted saying it is “outrageous.”  He, who got that “outrageous” ball rolling making this comment to a New York Newspaper!  I had a few chuckles as I am sure the dealer mentioned above did as well.
The capper is the photo above taken at a dinner dance last week. It is just an Elph snapshot and when I saw the close-up, I was shocked to see a look-alike to the Chairman of the Board, Frank Sinatra.  Only this one has his head shaved.  (Fourth from left.)
This led to a lengthy discussion about Las Vegas before the 80’s and now.  Considering the people talking are the ‘consumers’ none had much good to say about now except it’s close to California for a change of scenery and a good time.  Other than that, they could only see serious gamblers and celebrities willing to foot the bill because the ‘smart people’ reserve a suite of rooms, bring in their own booze, order take-in pizza and divvy up the tab at the end of a Sunday to Tuesday stay (the lower rate nights.)
The consensus?  Take your group for a good time in the right places, don’t gamble.  Keep the old LV for your rocking chair memories.