I have been A.W.O.L.

 It is important for me, even in 2013 to weigh in on two subjects.  Steve Jobs and Nikon’s new babies.
Steve Jobs passing did not halt his endless genius and my getting older only enables me to learn and enjoy more.  iPad 2,  the third version of iPad (not named iPad 3,) iPhone and finally, I went to the ‘dark side’ 18 months ago by purchasing a Mac Book Pro. The new Mac computer has almost completely stopped me from cursing as I did every time I touched my PC  for many, many years. Before leaving this paragraph, I wish to recommend a book which is something I never do and I do not recommend films either. However, hoping you have an iPad, then buy and read Steve Jobs Biography dictated to Walter Isaacson during the last four months of Steve’s life. He shared everything, no holds barred, including the scoop on his new and now released items (he had them ready) available after he passed and also he told of the soon to come TELEVISION as Steve was able to piece his ideas together to produce a brand new type television for the masses. I cannot wait!
Moving on first to Spring 2012, NIKON finally brought out what I personally refer to as “the twins.” Nikon D800 and Nikon D800E. Long awaited by the pro photogs, the full frame camera by Nikon is beyond applause. My husband has held his breath for years while Nikon did not seem to ever get off the dime to give their consumers what THEY want. *May arrived with a long wait list for the D800.  The D800E was no where to be seen and there was only rumor of when it might appear. Vendors were inundated with calls, emails, faxes… all forms of today’s communications asking “Where is the D800E?” Sales reps in stores began asking consumers, “We have a D800 now so why is it you want the D800E?”
 Yes, that is exactly what my husband was asked so many times that I lost count.
My husband came out of the womb wearing a tie and holding a camera in his right hand. Nikon, to be exact. We are married 37 years and on our first date, I had to see his portfolio that he carried everywhere. Ya never know…. and I learned that for myself when I carried Chuck’s portfolio into my doctor’s office this past year and he insisted on viewing what I had and ended up buying 8 of them for his offices.   Wow.   I now pack the Portfolio whenever I leave home.
Back to the Nikons: If Charles/Chuck tells you he researched and studied and decided that he wants the D800E, then trust me, there is a very good reason and a big difference for him between the ‘twins.’ And so it is coming to pass now to show off the amazing photos this camera enables a Pro to capture.
 Wow, is the word.   At this moment of posting, our Website is visible but under major updating with the new D800E photographs.  If you are a fan of the site, you will see a difference.
Personally for me and my new Nikon, I’m beyond freaked out with my D800. I never have been entirely happy with photos I have taken of people as I have felt something was missing. No more! Truth be told, I personally will not sit for a photograph taken by either of the ‘twins’ unless I can edit myself.  As it is, the people photos I have taken are scary. Like superman with x-ray vision, these cameras tell even more than cameras did before. However, there is so much more to work with to produce the perfect portrait or even a magnificent snapshot.  I’m not fond of photographing the obligatory Santa Barbara Film Festival with the celebs du jour coming to town and causing chaos in the entertainment business. But come Festival 2013, I cannot wait to see how even the youngest and best looking of the ‘stars’ look through my D800 lens. Even better, on the computer. Going to be rough… for them, that is. No amount of cement makeup can cover what this camera will show and tell.
For landscaping, wildlife, etc.,  My husband is still giddy from the day he picked up the D800E early May 2012 and his suppliers are thrilled with his feedback. They had begged him to try a Canon MarkD-whatevers. He did… for a year. He sold it on D800E arrival.
To wrap this up for today, let me tell you that we are going to Tuscany, Italy.   For starters, we will be on an 8 day Seminar with ED RIDDELL (You should know Ed Riddell) who has photographed Tuscany for 8 years and now has a place of his own there with his wife who is an artist. He is taking 8 of us pros as students to the best places he has found, photographed and published in one of his many books. Montalcino is the location and it looks grand. We cannot wait to get there. From Montalcino, we have other fish to fry by photo… areas we visited in 1984 and want to now capture in digital format plus photographing places missed because of time frame back then. Included will be Italian and French Riviera. Monte Carlo, Monaco, Nice, etc.  Mostly, however, it will be as much of Tuscany we can capture to share new scenery and the people who live/work there as opposed to the famous icons we all see regularly online, in galleries, etc.
The good part of this trip is that we will be able to photo and download directly to this website. No more film, slides and waiting. Technology! It’s the greatest thing since the automatic washing machine. My Mom told me!!
*Please do not hold me to exact dates of Spring 2012 release. We received our Nikons earlier than most as we were near the top of wait list.  We received ours May 2012.