Got The Shot & Took One For The Nikon Team!

Mangy MooseJanuary 29th, 2007
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

I never thought I would get applause! I truthfully admit it was nice to hear as a child after my first piano recital. As an adult, unless you are an entertainer, when would you hear it again? I believe many people secretly wish they could receive audible accolades for their work and achievements but who applauds the computer techie? The plumber? The auto repair man?

 Visiting the Grand Tetons for the first time this past year, I was anxious to see everything including Teton Village which had a few stores and a Restaurant/Bar named “The Mangy Moose.”  I saw a “New York Pizza” sign and I was heading for the door before Chuck could say, “Hey, wait for me.”
 The second floor had a bar and tables filled with the lunch group. The décor was rustic and the featured attraction was a huge, stuffed moose hanging from the vaulted ceiling by chains. Oh, I just had to take a snapshot of this guy.
The pizza was great; we wolfed it down so we could take off to photograph Grand Tetons scenery.  But first, I went to the third floor for the close shot of “Mangy.” I did my best as time was short, walked down two flights of steps and out the front door.  Chuck was a few feet ahead of me.
The Village is small so I did not have far to walk to the Jeep but suddenly I was airborne.  Holy Cow!  A very high curb blending into the parking lot was the culprit.   One normal step, the ankle bent, and all I could think about was my Nikon camera.  It had been securely tucked under my left arm like a football.  I was concerned about it and Chuck assured me it was fine. Not satisfied, I begged him to take a photo of me on the ground to show me proof. The EMTs arrived, the hospital emergency room diagnosed a badly sprained ankle, a few stitches in my temple, bandages for knees and I was set to go back to the Four Seasons where Chuck was attending a Photo Seminar with Nikon people.  I was worried about his being late.  A good Samaritan at the scene called the hotel to message them Chuck would be there.
Slinking down into in the wheelchair with crutches on my lap, we entered the hotel lobby where the entire group stood cheering and applauding. I wanted to die.  I never had a serious injury. All came to see my stitches and ankle splint. Then the Nikon Rep proudly said, “You got the shot, saved the Nikon and took one for the Team!”