Fall Vacation 2007

November 3rd, 2007

Meandering CreekJackson Hole, WY

There is nothing so pleasant as to awaken in a small town on a Fall morning when the foliage has turned colors. It is extremely exciting when the colors “peak!”

My husband watched the weather patterns and carefully planned the timing down to the minute to arrive in Jackson Hole, Wyoming by driving from Santa Barbara, CA. I could not have been more surprised and happy to see that his persistence paid off. Every single tree and blade of grass was in the process of turning Jackson Hole into brilliant reds, oranges, yellows, pinks and combinations of same as well.

Opening day of 4 for a small group of photographers wishing to learn some fine art printing from Ed Riddell, the “Ansel of the Tetons,” resulted in the most unique group of photos as each of us had his/her own idea of how to portray an individual “Fall” show.

This was my first photo seminar which I found to be extremely pleasant as well as helpful in that I learned how to ‘get the picture quickly’ and then move on to the next scene. We had to take advantage of the ‘light’ so we raced from location to location and by the end of day, we had some really good captures. It was fun as well as interesting to see how a group of 10 people could each produce a different photo taken at the same location.

Two glorious weeks in Jackson Hole with a lot of color, a little snow on the Tetons, and so much wildlife was exhilarating as well as peaceful. If not for the 4 months of harsh winter and no longer being a skier, I would be happy to pack up and move. I made serious inquiry of the residents about their winters and they were very forthcoming about what each of them does by the month of January.

The entire vacation was thoroughly rewarding and I plan to ‘take under advisement’ what I learned about a possible vacation home in JH. Yes, it is THAT nice!

You must visit the Photo Gallery to view the Teton photos and see a glimpse of what we experienced!