Marie: 09-Sep-2013

Ever wish you could just draw anything on paper except for a stick-man?

Marie: 01-Jun-2013

No excuses! Just busy with new technology that never ends and a fab visit from East Coast cousin who loves our website and was thrilled to see all the photos in our new Gallery in Mariposa. The Yosemite Icons hang there but not for long. Tourists want souvenirs of Yosemite and now they have another place very handy in their travels in Yosemite area to stop and choose their favorites already matted and framed to go.

Marie: 21-May-2008

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Photo in ‘edit’ to come. 
If you were a child living in a less than warm climate, how many times would you hear your mother asking, “WHERE IS YOUR HAT?” 
With me personally, it was always the  ‘outside’ hat and then it was the SUNDAY hat we females had to wear to Church. 
I never understood the ‘old timers’ wearing hats all the time, everywhere. I would spend an hour fixing my hair only to sit a ‘hat’ on top of my nicely styled do?  No Way. I loved the breeze blowing and tossing my curls.  And the Queen of England’s hats?  A constant source of amusement for me.

Marie: 02-Mar-2008

Sick of Food and Diet Warnings?
At what age do people finally lose their cool and just scream at the television set, turn it off, do the same with radio - all because every item of food we attempt to pleasantly enjoy eating is now deemed a ‘killer’ of humans and our demise is imminent.

We each have our favorite foods, having grown up with them, stuffed things in our mouths for at least half our lives and suddenly the very items that are about 50% of our dietary ‘needs’ are on the hit list to be banned from our lives forever.

Marie: 02-Jan-2008


Marie and Chuck

This is the first time since 1984 that my husband did not get to wear his Tuxedo to ring in the New Year at the stroke of midnight. It was definitely a weird feeling not to be dressed to the ‘nines’ and out partying ala Times Square; only indoors with great food, adult beverages and a world class band playing everything except hip hop and rap music.

Marie: 14-Nov-2007

Storm BrewingNovember 15th, 2007 Don’t know why there’s no sun up in the sky….
However, my MAN and I are very together… 32 years.
We both love thunder and lightning storms.  In SB, there are almost none so when we are in Mariposa we just love anything but sunshine.  Great childhood memories for both of us east coasters.


Marie: 02-Nov-2007

Meandering CreekNovember 3rd, 2007

Jackson Hole, WY

There is nothing so pleasant as to awaken in a small town on a Fall morning when the foliage has turned colors. It is extremely exciting when the colors “peak!”

My husband watched the weather patterns and carefully planned the timing down to the minute to arrive in Jackson Hole, Wyoming by driving from Santa Barbara, CA. I could not have been more surprised and happy to see that his persistence paid off. Every single tree and blade of grass was in the process of turning Jackson Hole into brilliant reds, oranges, yellows, pinks and combinations of same as well.