Yosemite Snow

Yosemite National Park - February 3, 2008

The park was pummelled with the season's best snowstorm to date with up to 2' of new snow falling in the valley. With some good luck and help from Mother Nature we are expecting a near-banner year for snowmelt over the falls during the next several months.

Anticipation is currently running high for our annual late-February trek to 'Horsetail Fall' to capture the stunning firefall effect. Watch this space for reports and updates as we report about the magical phenomenon.

We are again roaming the woods in search of our Great Horned Owl family and hope to gain sight of them soon. No luck yet.

Meanwhile, we encountered a bobcat sporting one of the finest winter coats we have seen in many a year.

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Snow on the MercedBob Cat

Over and out for now...