Nice Work If You Can Get It

March 2007

Great Icy Rinkus ZambonicusWhile the Great Horned Owl is otherwise engaged and proving elusive, we did recently manage to capture a fleeting glimpse of the "Great Icy Rinkus Zambonicus," better known to Peanuts comic strip fans simply as the Zamboni.

The Zamboni is seen here on a recent Saturday morning melting and then smoothing the top layer of ice at the Curry Village ice rink in Yosemite. Does the lucky (from our point of view) driver fully appreciate the sublime nature of his "office" with a view overlooking the iconic Half Dome or has continued exposure to the stimulus numbed the experience and turned it into a common drudgery?

Our lenses continue to hunt for more exciting images of the Great Horned Owl and for evidence that offspring are in the offing.

Stay tuned...