Extra!! Extra!! One Great Horned "Owlett" Alive and Well

May 21, 2007

Feeding Qwlette

After weeks of speculation we can now confirm that the Great Horned Owl mating pair delivered a clutch of three owlets* nearly two months ago.

Alas, Yosemite Park Rangers and locals believe that two of the three were killed by predators shortly after fledging.

On May 11th, however, we observed the lone survivor (at approx. six weeks of age) clumsily climbing a low tree limb while flapping its wings very near the nesting site.Owlette

Both parents watched from nearby perches and supplied encouragement and moral support.


Beginning on May 19th we further observed the youngster spreading its wings in preparation for a short "training" flight and hungrily wolfing down a fresh-killed gopher delivered by Mom.

Qwlette Wing Spread


We are especially gratified by these recent observations, particularly so because we held out little hope that the three siblings did not, in fact, meet an untimely demise!


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*Trivia buffs: a group of owls is called a "parliament."