24th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2009!!

Santa Barbara, California - February 1, 2009

WOW! Twenty-seven Academy Award nominees and more than 200 films over a whirlwind ten days that saw the Magical Light team covering events and tributes to Clint Eastwood, Penelope Cruz, Kristen Scott Thomas and Mickey Rourke to name several. We're absolutely pooped and happy to report that a good time was had by all!

You can see photo results here on our site under the 'CELEBS' gallery in the 'PORTFOLIO' section. For a more intimate take on all the action of the extravaganza be sure to visit the superb blog of Santa Barbara media gadfly Craig Smith.

We struck up a conversation with Craig in the Press Pit along the red carpet - you meet the nicest people when you are penned up like cattle for two hours practically cheek-to-cheek and elbow-to-elbow. As a result, he very kindly made use of a number of our photos to help illustrate his reportage. His in-depth, witty coverage of all things Santa Barbara can be found here: Craig Smith's Blog . Be sure to navigate to his Film Fest Photo Gallery where a number of additional Magical Light photos are currently appearing.

Here's a little "trailer" to get you in the festival spirit:

Clint EastwoodCruz on the Red Carpet

ENJOY !! ...and check back often as we edit and post from the hundreds of photos still waiting for their turn "under the klieg lights."